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The diversamente coding e-learning platform is online and you can enrol at www.diversamente-academy.eu.

The contents – which include educational materials such as tutorials, videos, documents, links, articles and useful tips – are available in English, but we are adding Italian, German, Greek and Spanish in the near future.

We are using Scratch to introduce coding to the target group – but what is Scratch?

Scratch is a programming language, developed by the MIT Media Lab and released in 2007. Scratch 3.0 is a great tool for introducing coding to all ages. Scratch can be used when developing various multimedia projects such as: video games, interactive storytelling, animations, and graphical artwork.

Scratch is particularly good for working with Deaf learners because it uses visual tools (graphic coding blocks) which represent commands. The learner simply snaps the blocks together in order to create various effects.

Scratch is a fun way to introduce learners to basic coding, and at the same time, playing to the visual strengths of Deaf learners.

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