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digital skills survey

The diversamente coding partners are currently in the process of developing and carrying out a survey to assess the digital training needs of people who are deaf. The survey will be carried out transnationally (in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Austria) and includes questions such as:

  • What is the general level of digital literacy amongst the target group?
  • What are the attitudes and perceptions about computer programming?
  • How can basic digital skills be applied in everyday life? 
  • What training methods and tools should be used?

Individuals, as well as organisations and associations working in this field, will be asked to complete the survey. Once collected, the data will be analysed and reports compiled. These will form the basis of the training course to be developed later in the project.

<diversamente="coding" >

diversamente coding is an Erasmus+ project to develop a training course enabling people with disabilities to learn digital skills + programming competences

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